Champagne Toast

Elle Drane snaggs the cover for company Champagne Italy at her very first booking.


CHAMPAGNE ITALY is a catalog including a host of images reflecting both seasons (Spring/Fall) of formal womens fashion. Champagne Italy is a high end formal collection worn by the most stylish, bold and established women of this century. From its feathered hats to it stoned tailored womens suits, Champagne Italys 2013 Fall/Winter Cover allures at its best this season, featuring the face of high fashion model Elle Drane. Up against repeat beauties, Elle Drane's beauty, work ethics and pressence empressed the companies marketing team so well upon her first booking, she was instantly elected cover girl. See more about Elle Drane on Instagram- Follow @hifashelle

Springs Preserve Shoot

Would you like paper, or plastic?

Model Elle Drane Is featured in this magnificent short film. Jennifer Henry, an amazing designer for FLOCK FLOCK FLOCK, created this tailored piece with merely a few simple supplies including tape, plastic and paper.  She is by far the most intelligent, creative and unique being to ever cross paths with. Model Elle Drane collaborated with Jennifer to bring this unique beautiful gown to life. The Springs Preserve was honored and privileged to have such an amazing team produced such an artistic project for their upcoming event March 20th, "Fashion for a Cause".  March 21st, model Elle Drane is scheduled to attend the unveiling of the finished billboard at the Springs Preserve and the dress worn by Elle Drane and designed by Jennifer Henry, will be exhibited for 3 months.

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Night & Day

Curious about the modeling industry?

So many young girls are heavily influenced by various fashion magazines and live runway shows. Elle Drane surprised a special group of teens with vital modeling information and shared some of her well performed work throughout her high fashion modeling journey. Many hearts were overwhelmed with joy after such an exciting, " show and tell session." As that evening approached, Elle transitioned to her next appointment “Model Call Time”, for the main event of that day during fashion week.