"The Lord blessed me with great BONES"

Born 8 lbs, 14oz and 21 inches long, It was a known fact that Elle Drane would blossom into the beautiful lean gazelle she is today. Elle is the daughter of an Identical twin and former model as well as musical producer and song writer. With a combined ethnic ancestry of Creole and English (England), Elle Drane naturally posses and exotic mold, physically perfect, for that of the fashion industry.


As a child, Elle Drane , was never shy and known to participate in the local beauty pageants. Her courage grew forward as she became heavily involved with the happenings of the fashion industry within her reach. Such happenings range from children commercials to teen magazines. Immediately after high school, it was time for Elle to move into the big leagues of the fashion industry and upon her first initial visit to a modeling agency, Elle was signed to one of Los Angeles largest runway agencies, LA MODELS. As Elle became familiar with the runway world, her interest began to grow for the Commercial/Print division of the fashion industry. Elle grabbed the interest of NEXT MODEL MANAGEMENT in Los Angeles and was signed for Commercial, Print and Runway. Her blessings didn't stop there. Elle took a short 1 week trip with some friends to the city that never sleeps, New York City. As her experience grew, Elle's desire to become a global high fashion model manifested deeper and deeper within her heart. Eventually, the thought of traveling was sat on the forefront of her motivational list of goals.  Elle has always believed, "take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step."- MLK. Days into Elle's trip she decided to visit a few offices and upon her third visit of agencies that afternoon, Elle was greeted by the entire staff of MAJOR MODEL MANAGEMENT including the President, Katia Sherman. Elle was officially a New York model and represented one of New York cities top ten agencies, MAJOR MODEL MANAGEMENT. Elle's modeling journey consistently presents new opportunities. She has already graced the covers of various magazines, walked in hundreds of runway shows and recently has published images for Vogue Italia- Photo Vogue.

Philanthropy: Giving back is KEY....

As a very passionate giver, Elle Drane wanted to do something heavily effective and empowering for the women of her country and proudly took a position as Assistant Director board member of one of Americas leading non profit organizations. Since the age of 15, Elle has continually involved herself in projects, not only giving back to her community, but many other communities within her reach as well. By being apart of many opportunities to give back allows Elle to help enhance the lives of other young girls and women. With such positive achievements and involvement in the fashion world, Elle was asked to be interviewed by Brazilian Fashion editor Edward "ED" Carl, for Fashion online magazine, World of Models. Elle continues to give back and is always leaping towards opportunities to help others.